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La note de Pittsburgh est 65.9% plus basse que la moyenne selon les employés

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    Ancien employé - Engineer - Pittsburgh, PA (États-Unis)
    Ancien employé - Engineer - Pittsburgh, PA (États-Unis)
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    Decent pay starting out. They pay hourly for engineers which is apparently pretty uncommon in the industry. Can make some good money if overtime is applicable, but your work/life suffers.

    9/80 schedule for part of the year is nice in the summer.


    There are "cliques" within the company, favorites within management, and it's pretty obvious. You know where you stand.

    Lunch is 45 minutes, just let people decide between 1/2 or 1 hour.

    Watch what you say and to whom you say it. Management favorites will throw you under the bus any chance they get to cover themselves.

    Management is also two faced, they will listen to your concerns and act like they care, they don't. They do what's best for them as they see fit.

    Same goes for HR, they are useless.

    Unethical work environment, you are expected to share or use someone else's VPN secure access tokens, this is plain wrong! Did I also mention unethical!

    This place is toxic.

    Conseils à la direction

    Listen to your employees! If they have an issue, do something about it! Don't act like you care, lead people on, then punish them. They might actually do good for the company if you get them in the right position.

    Also, don't train employees to be ethical, then turn around and fire them for contesting unethical behavior on the job. You wonder why the turnover rate was so high before you leaned out the company.

    And hold your supervisors accountable for providing their teams with the tools they need to succeed at their job!

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$ 59'294 par an
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$ 59'275 par an
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