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Christian Sutherland-Wong
Christian Sutherland-Wong
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  1. Entretien pour Senior Mobile Engineer - IOS

    Employé anonyme, Chicago, IL
    Aucune offre
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 1 jour. J'ai passé un entretien chez Glassdoor (Chicago, IL) en juin 2022


    This is probably the most short-lived interview process I've ever had with a company.

    The call started out well. In my opinion the recruiter did way too much and most of the talking just trying to sell me on his company based on perks - which is fine but this took up the majority of the call.

    I told the recruiter my relevant experience and the impact I've made to my employer as an Engineer.

    Later in the call, the recruiter asked what my desired salary range was - which is a very fair question.

    After giving him my desired salary range (very open-ended depending on my role and responsibilities of course), the recruiter pulled out some arbitrary calculated salary range based on that position and the location (Chicago) which was so far below the range I had given and disturbingly low for a Senior iOS position.

    The recruiter then proceeded to downplay my experience (I told him I had 3 years of iOS development and 3 years of full-stack web development experience) - and keep in mind this is ONLY the initial phone screening - BEFORE I even went through any technical interviews - mentioning that I only had 3 years of iOS experience and that might play into the final salary range for the role.

    The recruiter also told me that they filled the role I was applying for but was screening me for another Senior iOS role that they were trying to fill.

    I let him know that I was interested in interviewing for that role and asked if he could email me information about that role. He agreed that he'd send me the information and we stopped the call there assuming that we'd talk in the future.

    After the call ended - I received an email a few days later from Glassdoor saying that after reviewing my resume, they've decided to proceed with other candidates.

    This interview experience is a disgrace to this industry, and this company should be very ashamed of themselves for allowing this type of behavior.

    Engineers like me spend so much time outside our day-to-day jobs to prepare for interviews, and to have a recruiter downplay your experience and potential is very non-conducive to engineers being happy with their industry.

    Also - to any engineers reading this - heavily consider specializing in one type of engineering (i.e. iOS development or full-stack web development). Having an impressive mix of experience in different technologies is apparently not seen as valuable to companies like Glassdoor - who downplayed my experience in iOS and wouldn't even let me try the technical interviews.

    Do not believe companies when they try to move you into a different engineering role saying that it'd be good for your career - IT'S NOT.

    I know quite a bit of engineers in the industry looking for new roles to move on to, and we talk to each other a lot. Glassdoor is not a company I'd recommend applying to.

    Name me a project you've had a large impact on

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