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On a demandé à un Senior Vice President, Corporate Development...7 janvier 2020

Fairly generic “Tell me about your background.”

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Having invested and successfully sold a company in the exact same sector I highlighted this as I had made the investment almost twenty years earlier. As part of my follow-up thank you message I included attachments about the founder, the company and the press release from where the company was acquired by Informatica Corporation. Ironically in the exact same sector this investment was the single investment that returned greater than the total assets of the investment fund, and the articles were Washington Post articles about the company and it’s founder. Had they gotten far enough to check references they’d have spoken with the profiled CEO about how I singled handedly 1) Designed the business model, 2) Capital Formation plan, including successive rounds, 3) Ultimately helped generate the Finanicial returns setting up a new Georgetown Graduate for life financially. Moins

Recruit Holdings

Pitch me an investment opportunity; Share a failed investment experience


Q: Are you familiar with the franchise industry?


Understanding of the travel tech sector

Altium Limited

Past experience in acquiring and integrating companies.


Talk to me about your M&A transaction experiences.

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