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Indian Air Force
On a demandé à un Air Traffic Controller...17 décembre 2016

Why did you choose air force ?

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I'm like airman job

I like airman job


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DynCorp International

No difficult questions were asked.

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I am applying for the cook job

I Am applying for the laundry attended

Airports Authority of India

how radar works

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Radio detection and ranging

Transmitted Radio signal aimed by and antieena in a particular diraction

Fulton Hogan

How do you feel about standing for 6+hours in the rain?

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It's rain, I won't die from it so I'm not concerned by it.


NAV Canada

-Your suitability for this role depends entirely on aforementioned 8 minute quiz so don't spend too much time preparing for an interview or polishing your CV -My related Air Force experience doesn't matter either (Vets be forewarned)

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The above statement is 100% incorrect.. the interview is graded and will determine if you are screened in or out... Moins

-My self-score on the assessment was at least 25/30 (no idea of actual score)

Wright Traffic Control

Do you have a valid license

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We don’t care. We hire all kinds of strung out criminals.

Crispin Porter

Are you willing to work all nighters very frequently?

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How frequent is frequent? Is every job a fire drill?

Blue Arrow Warehousing

If i had working knowledge of delivery orders and customs clearance documentation.

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Yes I have worked for a 3PL and a freight forwarder, so I having working knowledge of import documentation. Moins


tell me about a time when you worked on something and failed.

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i don't fail. i sometimes quit

US Navy

Have you smoked marijuana?

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