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On a demandé à un Scrum Master/Technical Project Manager...21 mars 2009

How would you explain story points to a team who's new to Agile/Scrum?

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Time vs effort.. teams get hung up on time based estimates. And not about the amount of effort it's going to take to accomplish a task/user story. Moins

It’s about demonstrating it to them and comparing the efficacy compare to other frameworks via dissecting a story vertically to the smallest size possible. Moins

I said I would talk to them about t-shirt sizing and try several ways to help them understand that story estimation has little to nothing to do with time, rather effort. I also explained that this was a challenging topic for a new team. Moins

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Tell me about more about yourself

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I gave a summary of my extra skills and projects I have completed

I start with my field. My years of experience and the various industries I have worked, the positions occupied and responsibilities in the various companies . Moins

I start with my field. My years of experience and the various industries I have worked, the positions occupied and responsibilities in the various companies . Moins

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What are your salary expectations?

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I expect the salary to be competitive.

I was uncomfortable with the question and had to dodge it twice.

I told them I did my research and asked for what was on here as starting salaries. I was told he was impressed by the fact that I researched them and was given an offer as expected. Moins

Bank of America

"There are many project managers who work long hours and weekends sometimes. Would you be able to accommodate that?"

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Let’s get it together and I’m ready

As politely as possible, I replied that unless there is a real emergency, I will not work late or weekends. I went on to explain that most people working overtime so much are poor planners and are unable to manage time efficiently. I have always been able to plan, track and work in such a way that I never have had to work late. Moins

Why would anyone so no? My ambitious response for the entertainment industry at Fillmore is a strong big YES! Kindest Regards Moins

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Have you ever tracked velocity? How would you determine a teams Sprint velocity?

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Team velocity is tracked, using the number of estimated story points, over the actual completed story points. This can be measured on the burndown chart. You can guesstimate your team velocity overtime, from the previous sprints. Moins

Velocity is the total story point the team complete in a sprint. It can be tracked in the burndown chart in Jira for instance. Can be determined for an existing team by adding up velocities of 3 sprints and dividing it by 3 to get teams velocity. Moins

I said that I had a little bit, as we still had a bit of a challenge on my last team comprehending the burndown chart and how to improve estimates. How to determine it would be based on the Sprints. I kind of fumbled through this one as I really hadn't ever had much velocity tracking training, I just winged it at that time. Moins

Rocket Fuel

The somewhat tired, four people need to cross a bridge which can only support two people at a time plus the lantern they need to see their footing. How long does it take if Person 1 takes 1 minute to cross, #2 takes 5 minutes to cross, #3 takes five minutes, and #4 takes 10 minutes.

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After asking several qualifying questions and not getting clear/good answers I was able to walk the interviewer through 3 different scenarios. As more details were revealed, the time to cross grew. Moins

a minimum of 11 #2 and # 4 goes, then #3, then #1

Level Access

Tell me what you think the job is about?

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Recited what the first interviewer said, how I could manage it, and why I thought I was a good fit. Moins

I have seen this few times before & it's not my guess, I know for sure. The salary you asked they were not ready to pay Moins


Tell me a time when...

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Are you serious? Please, disclose a few details. that is a worst thing could ever happen to a candidate. Moins

I'm not naming names or divisions because that doesn't really help me any. The rejection motivated me to go back and get a Masters in CS at a Top 5 school. Amazon has an incredibly competitive culture and what manager wants to hire someone that might be able to pass them? There's two sides to every story, maybe I misread it but I'm trying to be as honest as I can. Moins


What are some of the things you and your supervisor have disagreed on?

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Project Quality control and promotion of the team numbers

roles and responsibilities of project team members


I want to do cow counts in US what are your approach

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I answered that I will check goverment census and get the inputs from them, then interviewee asked if they donot have that information, then I mention I will check which are the areas more diary products are selling I will get the counts, then I said I will check from feed store where more cow feeds are selling I will get the counts from those area Moins

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