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Gold Star TEFL Recruitment
On a demandé à un New Business Developer & PR Specialist...19 septembre 2014

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

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In the next five years I see myself working on my own business and also traveling and learning about new different cultures Moins

In the next five years, i see myself as a flourishing entrepreneur, doing good things for my country and for my family as well as growing as a person by learning new languages and cultures. Moins

I want to see myself as a good people,..i want to do something good for country,for people.. Moins

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Bank of America

Most of them were basic questions. One was " Write down Java classes and methods that you required for a Transaction" "How do you convey a Technical banking transaction to a street man"

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how do you convey a technical banking transaction to a street man? Can someone answer this?! Moins

so what are the classes and methods required for a transaction?

I think every one knew it.


Second round was some basic Technical and Behavioral questions (How do you work under pressure)

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Calm relaxed to solve the problem

I look for we’re I went wrong

You don’t like my answers

One Technologies

None. All questions were relevant to experience and goals.

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Two different pictures of work environment given by recruiter and manager. One very rosy and the other more realistic. More importantly, recruiter stressed a great work/life balance and manager did too, but added that I'd be required to work 45 hours per week at least to start. They added further that someone had recently left who could not commit to this. This was a red flag for me and I declined an in-office interview. Moins

They have gone through more than 8 developers over a 3 year period. Avoid them if you value your career. They will lie and tar and feather you if they suddenly develop a dislike for you. The manager is insecure, paranoid and plays favorites. Cat lady needs to be medicated. Moins


How would you increase our sales by 200% within the next 6 months.

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Get better management

By working day and night for no extra reward


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I couldn't answer this.

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Would you like to move to move where the position is open?

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I am looking forward to a new career and a new life in the Sun


your strenghts

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Who are you

your strenght


Be prepared to be asked to sell them something on the spot, though the item may vary or in some cases

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What do we exactly have to do in business level development ?

It was a very good experience.

Clixlogix Technologies

Do you have interest in Reading?

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Yes, I read that are relevant to my field.


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