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On a demandé à un SPA Receptionist...18 novembre 2016

Why do you apply for this position?

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It’s my first time to work in spa but i look for it

It’s my first time to work in spa

I have worked in hospitality for the past 5 years And i m looking for a work which involves challenging and reward And I believe this is an place what exactly i m looking Moins

Embassy Suites

Are you available to work any shift?

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Describe a situation where you acted as a role model.

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How do i see myself fitting in with the company

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I am passionate about holistic health. I have a degree in Public Health and have studied the importance of a balanced lifestyle with exercise, nutritional eating, and treating oneself to relaxed atmosphere. I am a team player and would be an asset to a team believing in and support an environment dedicated to letting clients have a time away from stress. Moins

Peppermill Resorts

If a guest is upset, how do you handle it?

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Remain calm, apologize for the inconvenience and summon a supervisor.

Boca West Country Club

My confidence level for the country club members are used to high quality service

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Yes I have a high level of confidence and always attend to my clients on the highest level. Moins

Embassy Suites

What would make you the best choice for this positon?

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My accountability and dedication that I have to make where ever I work the best place for guest and associates Moins

Day Dreams Day Spa

Do you have customer service experience?

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Yes, 7 years!

Rixos Hotels

how you can handle a complain

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i absorb to guest anger and tried to calm him/her down

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