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Soho House & Co
On a demandé à SPA Manager...12 novembre 2017

Why I wanted the job?

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I would like to work in your restaurant and it pleasure to work I like to help the people in this way with good manner and with good communication skills Moins

Actually, I am Make-Up Artist in indian film industry, but i can not earn enough money here, if you have good work, then it is okay, otherwise the other thing will work,just make me money. Moins

To work with my heart to measure customer are happy

The Peninsula Hotels

Let's say you are in the restroom of a nice hotel lobby, and you are presented with two rolls of toilet paper in your stall, which one do you choose?

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This sounds like the interviewer wanted to see that you have an eye for detail. Managing a spa in a luxury hotel is no easy feat, and every detail must be accounted for including how a roll of toilet paper is folder in the spa locker rooms. So yes, it has absolutely everything to do with spa management. Moins

With a dumbfounded look on my face I answered with "I can't say that I have ever thought about which one I have or would select." The interviewer responded with "Most people say they would select the roll with the edges folded over." I still can't figure out what that has to do with managing a spa.? Moins

Massage Envy

Are you willing to work Nights?

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asking to open the customer data bank of previous emloyers

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How to manage guest complained?

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For this question i always use STAR concept Situation : Family with 2 kids come to our resort during Easter and the weather was extremely hot. Mother having spa treatment and suddenly she get call from her husband 1 of their kid was having high fever coz of wasn't really enjoy at that time coz kid can not enjoy the beach. Task: informed to Resort Doctor and i arrange fresh coconut water from our gardener team. Approach : Doctor came to guest room and check their kid and give him medicine and fresh coconut water because this is natural is really good to hydrate and rich with mineral. Result : after 2 days bed rest their kid was fully recovery and he is enjoying playing with family at the beach. Guest was really happy how we handle their kids like our family, they event share the moment through trip advisor and they come again to celebrate NYE at our resorts. Moins

Ocean House (RI)

How many years experience do you have managing spa?

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Combined spa and hotel 3 years.

How to increase revenue?

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We can increase revenue by - Increasing the number of customer - Increasing the average transaction size - Increasing the frequency of transactions per customer - Raise price - Control / monitoring expenses Moins


There were typical interview questions

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Tesh asked me lots if questions and answered lots of my questions

How to be great leader?

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- Be honest - Delegate by trusting team with their strengths not their weakness - Identifying the strengths of team & capitalizing on them - Communication, example train new member and create a productive work environment all depend on healthy lines of communication - Be confident - Commitment Moins


Whether or not I had budgetary planning and evaluation experience.

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I did not

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