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Questions d'entretiens - Software Engineer


Questions d'entretien de Software engineer partagées par les candidats

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All the typical HR questions have been asked. Why you wanna leave your current job? why you think you are perfect? why you wanna join this company? what you know about this company etc. Also where you see yourself in 3 years? what was a tough moment at work? strengths? weaknesses?

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I did my homework there and answered everything. Some tips. 2K employees, software for banking and financial industry, core products, such as, trading securities, interest calculation, curent and personal accounts, risk management etc. and also additional products such as web banking, CRM, mobile banking etc. the company has many large clients , HSBC, UBS, Bracleys, SwissLife etc. The company grew in terms of partners, employees, users, customers since 2000 till 2005 by 1000% then from 2005 to 2010 by 300% and then till 2015 by 50%.

Which are the Software design patterns you know?

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One technical phone interview. Four technical on-site interviews. One system design on-site interview. The technical questions where pretty straight forward and for one you needed topological sorting to solve it. System design question was not entirely what I expected.

For the last stage again I went to the Avaloq office for an hour and half interview that was divided in three parts of roughly half an hour each. In the first part I met a software engineer of the team that I would be working with and we discussed details of some software modules and the general architecture of the product. There were not many direct technical questions, but from time to time the interviewer would ask question like "why do you think it is a good idea for the software to be organized in this way?". In the second part I met the rest of the team, introduced myself and they introduced themselves to me in a friendly and conversational manner. After the introductions they asked me some questions to get to know me better, for example about my background or my motivation to work at Avaloq. The last part was a discussion with a manager. As I understood the goal was to get a feeling of my intentions in the company, what kind of commitment I am willing to make to it, and my long(er) term goals.

Algorithms and data structures questions.

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In the second stage I went to the Avaloq office and met a person from HR and the potential team leader. They asked me usual HR questions of the sorts of "tell me about yourself" or "what are your strengths?". One question that I believe was important was "What do you understand Avaloq does?" that was asked to test how interested I was in the company and what effort I put in researching it.

General questions like 'how did you handle a conflicting situation'. I was not really prepared for this kind of questions. I got one technical question related to C++. I answered wrong but I don't expect anybody to answer that very specific question correctly. So it might be important how you answer it rather than correct or false.

Präsentieren Sie ein Projekt, an dem Sie mitgearbeitet haben (in englisch).

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