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Which are the Software design patterns you know?

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I didn't said Factory, or Decorator or Facade because I am terrible with terminology. i applied those patterns in the past but I don't know them by the name. they were looking for someone that can code out of their head. Like google does, only that google pays 40% more so if you are this type of guy don't waste your time on Avaloq.

All the typical HR questions have been asked. Why you wanna leave your current job? why you think you are perfect? why you wanna join this company? what you know about this company etc. Also where you see yourself in 3 years? what was a tough moment at work? strengths? weaknesses?

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How to implement Virtual members from the compiler point of view.

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Given a string, compute the length of the largest substring which contains at most k different characters. Ex: "aaabbbbbcc" with k=2 -> 8

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Mostly about trees, lists and data structures.

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One non-algorithmic question I got asked was about the an interesting project I worked on.

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First Interview: OOP in C++/C, race conditions, and other technical questions. It seems what they care abut is how you analyse and depict the the problem more than if you get THE absolute correct answer. Second interview: technical case study, system design of a particular scenario where requirements are given. A very nice way to assess ones problem-solving and analytical skills besides his technical knowledge. the technical session ended with presentation in front of the team and the line manager. Afterwards, an interview with the HR, with questions of the type: - Why Sonova? - Where do you see yourself in 5 years? - Describe yourself in 3 words? - Some other CV-related stuff.

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