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15 minutes to receive the business case and have basic explanations. 3 tasks to perform, with 90 minutes preparation, and then a presentation of 15 minutes. business case: account opening process in a bank. task 1: provide the activity diagramm, using their tool (easy to use, a 5 min tutorial is available). task2: provide a mockup of the input data screen, using their tool (also easy to use, with a tutorial) task3: provide the Work Breakdown Structure of such a small project.

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The time is effectively short to do the job in detail and with no error. Questions are being asked by the audiance (2 people from the company) I had a good feed back on my presentation.

do you have examples of the work you did?

Q: Comprenez-vous que vous trouvez les mandats, nous le souscrivons et le facturons pour vous ?

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Why do you want to join UBS and how did you find out about this role?

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Wenn man alle Menschen der Welt nähme und sie in den Zürichsee setzte, um wie viel würde der Wasserspiegel ansteigen?

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Vos dernières exépriences

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Why should we take you?

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Which role related methodologies have you applied in your previous job?

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Warum interessieren Sie sich gerade für PPI Schweiz?

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Q: Savez-vous ce qu'est le portage salarial ?

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are you mobile?

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