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How much time do I need to become a blockchain engineer?

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Why do you want to work in Switzerland ? tell me about your self ? how many years of experience do you have in Disaster Recovery project manager ? where do you come from and what is your origin ?

Was sind die wichtigsten Qualitäten für eine Karriere in einer globalen Bank?

Elle m'a cité les 5 compétences les plus importantes pour travailler au sein de l'entreprise: Initiative, Driven, Team Work, Resilience and Influence. Quels sont les deux compétences qui risquent de vous bloquer le plus afin de travailler chez nous.

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English discussion, discussion about my professional experience just to detail à little bit more what was mentioned in my CV. What I was looking for and what I am expecting from my future employer. The subject about salary has been nicely approached and discussed.

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