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they wanted to know about my experience in Latin America, my general knowledge, my relationships and contacts in the region... and of course the broad vision and details of the business plan given to them prior to the interview...

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I did very well since I had thoroughly prepared the business plan and its consistency was the most important and crucial aspect of the meeting..., besides that I think, I had a good rapport with the BBVA officials, all of them... so the meeting was pleasant with conversation flowing very nicely from one topic to the next.. I knew BBVA globaly so that created instant common ground..

Why this job? What would sa your best friend about you? It was very pleasant, and not formal. It was only fit oriented.

what values do you think is important for the company you would like to work in

How do you typically search for new prospect? How do you gain his trust? Explain how you converted contacts into clients in the past.

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