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The Emirates Group
On a demandé à un Graduate Program Assistant...27 juin 2018

What are your strengths amd weaknesses?

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My strengths is company respect and company business and must follow companay rules i am doing work in UAE 8 year no have one police complain And weaknesses is when doing good work any one not appreciate. Moins

My ability to resolve what could be a difficult situation. I am hard working person and I have a great time management skills Moins

my strengtha is my company respect and company bussiness and must follow company rules i am working in uae for 10 years Moins


Experience working in an office setting

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Yes... I have worked in the capacity of an ICT Manager

Yes... I have worked in the capacity of an ICT Manager

Yes I have worked in an office setting carrying out administrative duties such as program creation, design and implementation and other general office duties that requires knowledge in surfing the net and Microsoft office applications Moins

US Equestrian Federation

Why do you want to work for us ?

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What is your equestrian background

I have the passion

I have the passion

Government of Canada

Q: What would you do with a Canadian citizen who is trying to apply for a visa and is getting very irritable and frustrated with the process?

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Calm him down first,then explain to him why the process is taking so long,then offer to assist him with whatever he feels comfortable with during the wait. Moins

Calm him down first,then explain to him why the process is taking so long,then offer to assist him with whatever he feels comfortable with during the wait. Notify my immediate supervisor of the situation, and await further instructions on what to do. Moins

National Geographic Society

Do you love TV?

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Yes, I actually interned here so I knew the culture pretty well. They will ask you about what you watch, how you watch it, what you think. DO not shy away from geeking out about the television you love to watch (even if it is not their programming). Moins

World Food Programme

why i should be employed

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Have you been called for interviews yet?

I want to contribute to the development of nation

US Department of Veterans Affairs

How to prioritize multiple aspects of your job

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Through a combination of deadline, difficulty, project length, team status and inherent importance. For example, a short deadline, difficult project where a team requires my work is going to get priority over an equally short deadline, easy project, because the team’s productivity is based on my own productivity. I also try to group similar items together and get started early on difficult, time consuming projects so that when I brush up against the deadline I am not scrambling and can give attention to other projects as needed. Moins

I stated that it would be similar to a hospital emergency room that applies triage Moins


How do you prioritize tasks

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By ranking them from most important to least important

By assigning the tasks as High, medium and low priority and accomplishing them accordingly. Moins

Quality Services for the Autism Community

You hear a slap, but you don't know exactly what happened because you have your back turned towards the person who did the slapping. What do you do? (you have to keep in mind that you cannot physically retaliate against the autistic children if they hit or slap you. that is considered abuse and sufficient grounds for firing) What would you do if someone spread rumors about you that tainted your professional image (l.e to your boss and colleagues) and affected your chances of employment?

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I had a situation similar where I saw two kids pushing then I saw who was doing the pushing and asked him if he needed a break he said yeas then I had him sit in the back of the class until he cooled off then I talked to each kid. In the case of slapping and my back was turned I make it clear first of all that hitting is not allowed and if the kid is verbal I ask them what happened if the kid is nonverbal I try to calm them down with a distraction and separate them from the group Moins

as for rumors I would ignore them and let my work speak for itself if a supervisor ask I simply tell them the truth and leave it at that Moins


1. Describe the time when your team has to collaborate with other team. What was the challenge and how you encourage the collaboration to take the initiative? (Competency: Working with people) 2. Explain the time when you have to adjust your team plan due to unanticipated challenge? (Competency: Planning and Organizing) 3. Describe a situation when you have to push yourself to achieve a demanding goal? (Competency: Drive for Results)

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As long as you prepared and follow the competencies based interview, you will be fine. You can follow the structure to answer the interview: CARL (Context, Action, Results, Lesson Learn) Moins

How was the written test? What type of question did they ask?

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