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Equity Bank Limited
On a demandé à un Risk Analyst...26 septembre 2023

What’s your expectation of the job

Equity Methods

some behavior questions in the interview

Equity Residential

Tell me about yourself. Why did you pick your major. What are your interests.

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I told them my major, school, clubs, etc. As well as my interest that sparked my major and future career there. Moins

What do you know about Level's investment strategy?

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I didn't know at the time, but later, the interview me told me I should have referred to the "Level Equity 8" which is in their SEC filing. Look it up, it will be helpful. Moins

Ashen Equity

What is your hot take? When was a time you struggled and how did you overcome it?

Actors' Equity Association

Can you name a time where things did not go as planned? How did you handle it and how would you do better looking back?

Why EPIC investment partners in particular?

Please complete this personality test.

National Equity Fund

Experience in team and solo environment. Any hardships faced in previous roles.

What do you bring to the table that another candidate would likely not offer

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