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Equity Bank Limited
On a demandé à un Foreman...5 octobre 2021

Where did you go to school

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Makerere University

Kinaawa high school kawempe

Nyarilo senior secondary School koboko

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Tallgrass Energy

What is VRRF?

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I don't know

How about VRRP? Virtual routing redundancy protocol

Virtual Rounting Redundance Protocol

Generational Equity

Would you be okay if I yelled or screamed at you for something?

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I thought this was out of line, and basically traps you. I didn't know how to answer other than saying, "I prefer you didn't, but if you must you must." Moins

No... I would not. No more than anyone else. However, that is not to say that I would not handle it with a respectful response and an earnest effort to understand the circumstances and expectation of the person yelling or screaming. two negatives just add up to a bigger negative. And a negative reaction to a negative act will not serve a positive purpose. Moins

Equity Trust Company

The volume on the computer was too low

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Maybe they didn't hire you because you don't know how to spell (the person who left the comment on 9/17/09)? How do you know where someone lives by their appearance? I live in the inner city..always have and I work here. Or were you indirectly trying to say that they don't hire minorities? If the later is true then you are wrong. There is a mix of Latiino, African American, old, young, straight, gay and everything inbetween from what I see. It appears that times have changed since 2009. Moins

If applying for this company please consider this. This is an snobbish arogant company that does not like to higher inner city employees. Their record on diversity speaks for its self. Moins

Equity LifeStyle Properties

How would you solve a situation where two maintenance people worked together.

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The statement is “where two maintenance people work together” it doesn’t say there is a issue or concern. If there was a issue or concern, I would speak with both parties to find out what the concern is. Once that has been establish I would ask them how they would like to see a change. If the ideas that they present is resonable I would implement the change on a trial basis. If it doesn’t work I would establish a new process that meets the needs of both parties. Moins

I stated that I would have them work in separate areas, even if one person did one leg of the project and the other finished it. Moins

Equity Residential

"When did you have to deal with an angry customer?" and "Who has been the most difficult and frustrating customer you've dealt with?", oh and they asked "Have you ever had a challenging coworker? How did you deal with them?"

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All questions were easy because I had a lot of relevant experience. It was a challenge to remain professional on the coworker question because I have only had one coworker I absolutely couldn't stand. I did talk about her, but kept it very respectful and professional while still discussing difficulties we faced working together. Moins

Energy Efficient Equity

Years in similar position? What were the key factors that made you go with E3

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Providing all my background information, explain were I use to work and what were my expectations for my future roles. Moins

I have not been interviewed for this position.

Veritas Equity Management

What are some of the thing you value most in your life?

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I value the time with my husband and family. I enjoy attend family events. I also value my personal development and education, I wish to obtain my college degree within the next year. Moins


The line of questioning done by HR was genius. Getting to know someone past the piece of paper is what indicates a match. Many questions that probed deeper in to the real background and experience were asked.

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The questions were very open ended with questions that dove tailed to create a scenario or story of sorts. Very comfortable and informative. Moins

Equity Point

Have you worked in a position similar to this one before?

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