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On a demandé à un Partner Technology Manager...10 octobre 2014

what is formula of velocity of light ?

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What a stupid question! What does that have to do with anything?



Explain database and its features to an 8 year old

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Can you please mention other questions

I will respect their NDAs, the prep document they share is quite extensive and help you achieve on the interviews. I’d recommend study on the items on that document you’ll be ready. Moins

can you please tell us about the questions you got from the hiring manager?


What is the command to sort out data in SQL?

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USe select ORDER BY

What are the numbers of http and https?


Would you mind talking to managers that may be interested in hiring you?

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I would love to talk to them.


Porque você quer fazer parte do Google

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Uma vez eu li que o Google tem como seu principal objetivo organizar todas as informações e torná-las acessíveis. É exatamente isso que eu quero para a minha carreira: make computers do amazing things! Moins


Mostly conversational about partnership ecosystem. They have a narrow view of things so stick to what they want to listen.

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In my case, they wanted to talk about developer advocate sort of a pitch, not even technology partnerships as a whole. Moins


What is the accomplishment you are most proud of in your current role?

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I was honest with the struggles I faced in my role and how certain things were accomplished. Moins


Can we schedule a time for an interview to get to know more about you?


Tell what your day looks like at your current job?


They made some technical questions regarding some technologies that are relevant to the job.

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