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On a demandé à un AppleCare At Home Advisor- Partner Relations (Developer Support)...6 janvier 2016

What would you do if minutes before your shift your computer wouldn't turn on?

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I haven't had it yet but once I do I will update you with the answer soon after. :) Moins

They asked me STAR questions, that I wasn't prepared for. I studied Q&A on this entire site and he didn't ask me not one of those questions. I was shocked, thrown off and didn't get the offer. I'll be better prepared next time, with recorder on and everything, lol Moins

I didn't get any of the questions that people got either. The types of questions I got are in the above paragraph. Strengths, weaknesses, traits that o could bring to the company and behavior that I would bring to the position I'm applying for. I'm sorry you didn't get the offer. I was a nervous wreck throughout the entire ordeal thinking I didn't get it. Try again for regular at home. I saw some postings online dated for Jan 10 for Apple care . Best of luck to you. Moins

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Why Twitter?

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I want to work on something that almost all humans know about.

Arbor Education Partners

What do you know about them?

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It is easy to get basic knowledge about their products from company webpage.


How does the web work?

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Explained from Browser to DNS to HTTP protocol.


Explain the difference between an inner join and a right outer join?

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An inner join only includes rows that have keys in both tables; a right outer join will include rows for all keys in the right hand table. Moins


Q: Suppose you have an app X (whatever is mentioned), how will you use the provider package in that? Q: API parsing example and methodology. Q: Related to Firebase Functionalities.

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You can share a whiteboard ( MS paint or anything) and explain your methodologies and solutions. Moins


Imaging you're creating a short URL like service like Bitly. You can only have 8 (or some set number) of characters in your code (e.g. short.url/diUE9sl3). What logic do you use to ensure you never run out of codes?

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I talked about timestamping the codes and expiring some. That wasn't quite the answer they were looking for, though they didn't tell me what their proposed solution was. Moins


cannot tell due to NDA

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you must understand the question, very important


I'm blanking on specifics, but along the questions were questions about the assignment I submitted, and they asked me to talk them through my process, if I recall correctly.

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I explained what tools I used to answer the question in order to be able to take a deeper look at things and also to help me check my work. Moins


When are you available for a chat with our managers?

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any time.

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