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Find the top minimal m elements of n elements in O(n) time

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A basic heap would take O(n lg n) time, which wouldn't work here. One step better would be to limit the heap to m elements, which would make it O(n lg m), which is O(n) for sufficiently small m. This may be simply undoable for m == n in O(n) time.

I take that back; it's not undoable. You can find the m'th smallest element in O(n) time; C++ has this implemented as std::nth_element, even. Once you have the m'th smallest element, sweep the input another time and bucket everything smaller than it, which is a second O(n) pass. But yeah; a heap will always be O(n lg m) here, which becomes O(n lg n) if m==n.

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Définir une fonction qui met à plat des listes de liste.

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Given an array of integers, implement a class to take a snapshot. In particular 2 methods: - int takeSnaphost() //returns the snapshot id - int getFromSnapshot(int snapshotId, int arrayIndex)

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How did you solve the problem of the camera mount shaking while in flight?

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The question was to find all taxi numbers from 0 - 10^6. Taxi number is a number which can be written as the sum of two squared number, and can be written as two different representations: Taxi number = a^2 + b^2 = c^2 + d^2

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Wo sehen sie sich in 5 Jahren? (Weiterbildung, etc.)

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Technical questions.

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what kind on an animal would i choose to be?

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You have a list of matches, where each match is a pair of ints meaning (ID of Player One, ID of Player Two) where in that match player one is better than player two. Make a ranking of all the players in order.

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Mostly about trees, lists and data structures.

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