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On a demandé à un Engagement Manager...21 septembre 2023

What projects are you at your best with, and what roles do you prefer to play?

Tata Consultancy Services

Talk and give context around Cloud

Prescient Healthcare Group

1. Assignment questions 2. Case questions


Prior interview, review Customer Success Stories


What types of client interaction did you have in previous roles? Describe a scenario whereby you were unable to meet a deliverable and how did you overcome it?

Prophet Brand Strategy

-Technical capabilities around Experience & Brand - Project management experiences incl presentation - Case study


Detailed your experience as HRBP


Was ist deine Motivation? Wieso willst du Engagement Manager werden? Wie steht du zum Alltag eines Sales-Managers?


I was asked to present to a panel on a community engagement effort that I have done.

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I presented to the panel.


What makes you the perfect candidate for this position? First 100 days in the position.

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