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On a demandé à un Delivery Manager...22 mai 2020

Spoke through my experience in technology with focus on my leadership skill.

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I consider myself a team player which I observed when I was working on college project. Things you will find in me are quick learner, flexible, organized and detail oriented. Moins

I am a civil engineer.any construction is very inportant in our life.i attent seminar in college life.and hard work for self prepair.becouse my rule progress is not prefection. Moins

Highly motivated individual and a certified digital marketer with strong SEO and SEM skills, attention to detail, and a solid online marketing background looking to obtain a position in well reputed company. Moins

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DXC Technology

Personal round & Scenario based questions

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self introduction



Cognizant Technology Solutions

Tell me about your experience working a fast paced environment?

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I expressed that I was quite comfortable and accustomed to their Industry.

I'm final year


1. About Career Progression. 2. What were the learnings? 3. How did the learnings help in implementing in the day to day operations? 4. Work-life balance related questions. 5. Client and Internal Management review capabilities.

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All the questions were answered confidently and demonstrated situations to match the questions. Moins

I was done 4 project in 1 year/ I had lear different types of softwares in short period/ when I started my career that time so many people are gave lot of support and after that I was handles all operations and I was executed new statistics in our company it was successfully working/ we have somany claints they are also appreciated me Moins

How much business can you get for the Company

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I said I can nt put a number or target but all the customers whom I have served in the past will certainly consider the products & services of this company and some of them will opt for it. Moins

Dude, I think Service Delivery Manager is responsible for making sure the cost-effective, timely and quality delivery of "Services" and not bringing the business. How much business can you get the company is the question for Business Manager to answer - right? I can think of two options: 1. Interviewer is dumb and doesn't know how/what to ask profile specific questions. OR 2. Interviewer is a genius, thorough in his/her approach and knows what he/she has asked and expecting from candidate to answer. Solely my views mate, please do not take it otherwise. Cheers Moins


What changes would be implemented to increase customer satisfaction?

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First of all understanding clients pain areas which requires change is the key to suggest or implement any changes. With that said, I would probably quote an example with a challenges I overcome with my client by implementing a change...ultimately it should drive a good value proposition in terms of $ value or in terms of enhanced cleint satisfaction. Basically, it should have yield tangible or qualitative solid benefits to put a weigtage on the response we provide. Hope it helps to a certain degree. Thx Moins

Value Add to customer, convert risk in to business opportunity, Automation, Customer CSAT & DSAT review and fix Moins

Dell Technologies

How do you know when you are providing great customer service.

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When I am not involved in a critsit/escalation situation.

In my case, I am a field service engineer. I get repeated request from customers they want me back. My boss never had any complaints about my service. In 26 years, on various types of equipment, and 3 companies, I have only had 2 complaints. Moins

Cadillac Fairview

How do you manage conflict?

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Past work experience and how it relates

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Hi, as a Google employee, I’ve created an interview prep guide that got many people into Google, based on my and my friends' interview experiences. You can find it here: (please do not forget to check the reviews on that page to read my customers' comments). Good luck! Moins

I have experience for the position

The Emirates Group

The role play case was the following and needs some degree of diplomacy.Please be very careful here as slip could be construed as bad stakeholder management. Please refer below to the role play case. You have been appointed project manager of a project that has gone over budget and is also going over schedule soon. Your task is not to make tall promises as the organization that has appointed you clearly doesn't want you to promises more resources. The client is very unhappy and you need to meet and convince him with a plan

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My responsibility was to set up framework to manage and control project schedule, monitoring progress, ensuring project is within the decided budget and timeframe, calculating best estimate numbers for the project and account and report it to senior leadership, tracking variance in projected and month end financials, managing margins for the project, preparing numerous reports, business documentation, etc. Moins

Be careful as the VP is judging you by your performance. You don't have to act. You just have to be your normal self. Moins

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