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Are you comfortable with managing you task priorities

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Are you willing to relocate? Can you define innovation in your own words?

If you are asked to work on biomedical data and apply your algorithm, if still you are not sure about your algorithm do you go and ask the doctor to see if the data is accurate or you prefer to first make your algorithm perfect and then ask him about data?

Tell me about your working experience Where have you worked Why do you want to work for us Are you team player Do you enjoy working amongst a team

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Explain a situation of your courage. have u ever had a problem in integrity? What is your salary expectation?

Why do you think you are a good candidate for this position? and Why do you want to work for Roche? Did you have any experience of explaining your works for someone in the team with a different background? How do you visualise your data if you want to present your work for a medical doctor?

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