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On a demandé à un Retail Coverage Merchandiser - Lead...23 novembre 2015

If you have an unachievable work load, how do you prioritize.

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They ask that question, because they do very much over load, the company is very disorganized. They have over 600 questions, and tasks, driveing from one store to another, back to the first store all in one day. They clock the jobs through your Tablet. They time in, and out and how long. Was told the scheduling you have to make takes very long. Far to much bouncing around,back and forth. To many BU"s, (Business Unit Managers) that don't communicte. I was with Acosta for 7 years, had great sales figures, good employee, great reviews I applied for Mgr.,,and the interview, never asked about my experiences, it was one of the lamest interviews Ive ever had in my 35 year experience Moins

Hardest thing first. The interviewer was surprised by my answer.


Basic interview questions

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Basic answers, knowledge of job opening

BNP Paribas

View on Auto Sector, Risk Management in Banking, Corporate Banking concepts and Personal Motivation to apply to the Bank.

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Auto Sector questions were based on my past internship experiences and the rest was answered through B School Courses and personal experiences. Moins


was the hourly rate offered for the position applying, fair?

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no, i asked for and extra dollar since i have prior experience in the job appplying for. Moins


do you have any past job related experience?

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yes, and i replied “target planogram team” and “walmart”. also listed other retail companies ive worked with. Moins


Basic fit question, and tech questions

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Société Générale

Que connaissez-vous du Coverage ?

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Il s'agit de la relation client de la banque avec les très grandes entreprises internationales. Moins

CDC Group

What would you do if you were reaching the end of a deal process and you heard rumours that a politically involved individual had either received shares/had shares in a company likely to benefit from the deal? Do you walk away from the deal despite the impact it is likely to have?

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Trick question: wants you to realize that these are the realities of working in impact investing in less developed markets. Moins

Boulder County

How would my colleagues describe me?

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As someone who is reliable, a team-player, and empathetic.


Did I have transportation

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