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On a demandé à un Manager, Business Strategy and Growth...1 septembre 2023

Introduction Previous experience in EdTech company Job role in previous company

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Very smoothly

Florida Blue

Provide a detailed plan for intitiating and managing change as a small center of excellence within a large organization with no direct line authority or budget available.

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This question was actually several related questions all boiling down to this one idea. It was highly indicativ of the role! Moins

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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This is such a cop out interview question. It literally should be struck from every interviewer's repertoire of questions to ask in an interview. My assessment of who asks this question is a very poor interviewer and doesn't bode well for the company as a whole. Get up and walk out. Moins

What are you expertise in Lead Generation Process?

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Although I've primarily worked as Account Manager with responsibilities of a Social Strategist and Business Analyst, the sales cycle was also touched upon on regular intervals. Acquisition or procurement of leads from various lead generation services, teaming them with in-house efforts namely via online marketing and SEO activities. Shortlisting the potential prospects and allocating them to respective sales personnel for follow ups and maturing. Qualification of leads was done on a weekly basis and sales targets were set accordingly. Generally from the moment a sales lead is categorized as qualified, maturing the lead may take up to 45 days. This includes following up with prospects, data mining and gathering, relevant case studies, testimonials and references. Once the client is convinced and agreed on working with you, extending a contract of work. After signing off the contract, an initial invoice for mobilization is sent to client and the sales is in. Moins


Overall the discussion was intended to understand my analytical potential

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During discussion i was feeling that interviewer was speaking to showcase his expertise and experience rather than understanding mine. Moins


What were my previous organisation targets, and my achievement?

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Covered the entire Targets, OKR's and KRAs + Product Involvement + Expansion Involvement with previous startups Moins

Marriott International

Why do you want to join Marriott

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Career growth possible in many locations Great benefits for employees Passionate about the hospitality industry in general (graduated from hotel school) Moins


what is the most innovative thing you have done?

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It doesnt have to be patented or anything big, but give an example that made a big impact Moins


Q) Motivation to join Philips

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3 part answer: Opportunity to create impact; Outward looking and dynamic organization; Opportunity to influence strategy at close quarters Moins


Why Wendy's Atby's Group?

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Generic answer

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