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What do you think consulting is?

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Powerpoint and excel focussed white collar work

Desired level, staff or AVP

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"Entwerfen Sie ein Dienstprogramm, dass ähnlich wie Google Suggest ist. Wie gehen Sie vor?"

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What would you do in your first 100 days after we hire you? How will what you do help us in our growth in this particular market? What do you need/want from the company in order to achieve your goals?

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Si le client vous demande d'internaliser un consultant que faites vous?

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Salary expected Previous experiences

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Give a concrete example of a time when you have used data research and analysis to examine an issue, and describe the results.

Knifflige Fragen zu vorherigen Praktika und Hochschulprojekten, unerwartete technische Fragen mit Bezug zu SQL-Sprache und Datenbank-Management.

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