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On a demandé à Business Development Manager...8 décembre 2021

What is your sales process and philosophy?


Logical questions, Situational questions, Brain teasers

Vivacity Labs

Sell one of our products to us. Your presentation is not good. Sell a pen to me?


Name a time you received hard feedback.

Ribbon Home

Honestly, I cannot recall! The interviews felt more conversational than that I was being grilled by someone.

Store Supply Warehouse

The standard, what makes you a good fit…


1. How do you go about tackling an abstract problem? 2. How do you get buy-in and alignment from other internal team members? 3. What type of team and environment do you prefer to work with and in?


It was a pre-recorded interview

Lifescience Dynamics

Please explain, you and your background?

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Honestly but they wanted some kind of Saturday night drama - you are there against all the odds. Strange, especially when from a working class background. Moins


I had a table with multiple countries and data, and I had to choose in which country I would develop Business, and explain why

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