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On a demandé à Business Development Manager...20 juillet 2015

Are there any areas that you where you would like additional information?

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I asked for some clarification in a couple of areas which they readily provided.

Could you add examples


Why Japan? Why Rakuten? Tell me about your experience. How do you think you'd fit in here in Japan?

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Have you got a counter offer after you declined offer from them ?

Nope. No counter offer, no negotiation at all!


They kept asking me if I HAD ANY QUESTIONS FOR THEM.

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Once i ran out of questions to ask, the interview was over.

Always be ready with questions for them. I study job description and research company online and jot done several questions. Some are answered through process, I let them see me checking them off, make a comment or two and then determine what is still relevant on my list. Moins

Next Education India

Are you ready to join the job in between your studies?

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I replied that I am willing to start my career at the earliest and continue my studies. Moins


How did you generate sales for your previous company?

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I would provide satisfied service to the customers. I always try to meet the target and I have the many challenging. Moins

I would make an effort to make xx number of calls a day to build a healthy pipeline. i would identify hot from cold leads, then plan out a strategy to tackle each vendor's unique issue. this would, in turn, generate higher conversion rather than hard selling on the same issue for every vendor. At times, it also works when we participate in a number's game, as sales process is similar to a funnel. Moins


How would you sell comb to bald person

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It could be sold as a gift to some other person or as a hope that some day he will be able to use comb Moins

Sell him hair growth for oil as a core product and comb as bundled product. Bald person’s basic need is to grow hair which would develop a need to comb his hair making product useful not immediately but definitely. Moins


What will be the values and performance parameters to get the business developed with a fast paced stratgical perspectives to accomplish organizational goals and targets

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We would to make survey , research and analysis fastly and then we make the planning for sales and marketing. We must try good relationship with customer. always inquiry for competitor. Push and try develop to meet the sales target. Moins

To work with a go getter attitude with a motivational push to maximize productivity by generating maximum sales with long term stakeholder relationships. Moins

Tally Solutions

Who will u save when you have to choose betwen ur family and 1000 kids?

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I will save my family. It is like doing what you are responsible for vs doing some thing out of the box. If you failed to do what you are responsible for but did 10 extra things, in the end you failed. Moins

I will save my family


Are you a hunter or farmer?

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farmer ofcourse....


Numerical Assesment: Bob has a glass of water that holds 5 fluid ounces, it is 3/4 full, he empties half of the glass, then empties a further 1/8th, before adding 100%. what is the weight of water remaining STAR interview: Give an example of a time you received critical feedback on your work.

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With difficulty.

2.5 ounces

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