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Fidelity Investments
On a demandé à un Big Data Engineer, New Hampshire...18 mars 2013

Design patterns questions

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It was on 03-14.Within 2 days they scheduled for onsite interview.By the way what all design pattern questions they asked you in first round?I was asked only Observer Pattern and Singleton Pattern Moins

Ya the same thing.....I already listed right...I had a difficulty in answering Observer pattern so listed here so that others can prepare well :) On site they will ask to write small code I guess but not so complicated. I heard that fidelity interview is not that tough as tech companies. So prepare well, answer confidently. All the best for the interview. Moins

Did you guys gave the on-site interview? How was the experience?

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Longest palindromes in a string SQL quesiton

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What level of experience they are looking for?

It was for New Grad

What visa status they were looking for ?

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Are you OK with working nights and weekends.

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NO. No one is OK with working nights and weekends. The only kind of company that asks that type of question is a company that is mismanaged and expects that you give up nights and weekends because of executive mismanagement. No thanks. Moins

Yes, I m ok to work nights and weekends for a project until it is back on track or complete. Moins

Im okay with it,I'm the give anything it takes to get the job done kind of person Moins

Bloomberg L.P.

Remove duplicate consecutive spaces from a given string, in-place. For example: "Have a nice day" should become "Have a nice day". Removal of leading and trailing spaces was not specifically mentioned.

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foo - Using a recursive function foo2 - Using an iterative process def foo(s): if len(s) = 2: if s[i] == s[i+1] == " ": s = s[:i] + s[i+1:] else: i += 1 return s Moins

The iterative process: def foo2(s): if len(s) = 2: if s[i] == s[i+1] == " ": s = s[:i] + s[i+1:] else: i += 1 return s Moins

Recursive solution: def foo(s): if len(s) < 2: return s if s[0] == s[1] == " ": return foo(s[1:]) return s[0] + foo(s[1:]) Moins


Logic based questions. Scenarios. Code reviews

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Hi, I have an interview with Siemens next week ,could you please guide me a bit as how should I is for the role "Big Data Software Engineer".I just wanted to know what type of Java question I should expect in the online exam. Regards, Tan Sah Moins

For the HireVue just basic Java stuff like Design Patterns, Threads, Multithreading and so Moins

Hi, I have cleared HireVue and have panel interview scheduled with Siemens. Can you please tell me what to expect?? Its for Big Data Engineer position. Moins


Big Data questions(data warehousing concepts) and a java program on LinkedList

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Well, I concentrated a lot on JAVA coding questions but did not brush up my big data knowledge. People interviewing for this position, I would like to say please keep yourself updated on the new Big Data technologies as it is a Big Data Engineer role. All the best :) Moins

In how much time they let you know thier decision?

I interviewed on Friday and got a reply on Monday, so in 2-3 days.

Balyasny Asset Management

Retrieve Movie titles from IMDB.

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python with json parsing.

Hi, is this question from the HackerRank test or the actual interview? I wondered what kind of Python problems they test you and how difficult they are. 2 questions in 2 hours seemed to be a lot of codes to write. Moins

Legato Health Technologies

how much have experinece in spark?

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I have no experience



Difference between delete and truncate in SQL?

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Delete is a DML command so it can be rolled back where as truncate is a DDL command which cannot be rolled back. Moins

What programming questions they asked in 2nd round ??


Advantages of java over c

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What coding question they asked out of 5 question??

write a query to find the second maximum.

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