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Hard & Soft skills. Questions classiques

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How do you feel now in your company? Is it linear or hierarchical type of management?

In your current position you have some managerial responsibilities? Do you like it ? Aren’t you gonna a miss it?

Why did you choose to do that Master? Why didn’t you look for a position in the field of your master?

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Why do you have knowledge of Turkish? And what does your husband do for leaving?

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You mentioned you are looking for personal development? What do you mean? If you expect carrier growth, please know there is no plan for carrier growth in Rolex and in the position.

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To my question how much spend does a buyer manage and what are the key objectives of the position ? Their response was we don’t share this type of information. Buyer manage projects and buy at the right price. We are Eco responsable.

Dans 5 ans, où vous voyez-vous ? Sur quel type de poste ?

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