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Mise à jour : 30 septembre 2023

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Photo Glassdoor de : French Sales, Agency and PR teams chillin' in our new London office
Photo Glassdoor de : Team dinner and drinks
Photo Glassdoor de : San Francisco Ugly Sweaters
Photo Glassdoor de : UK Ugly Sweaters
Photo Glassdoor de : Ugly Holiday Sweater Day!
Photo Glassdoor de : Ohio Ugly Sweaters
Photo Glassdoor de : Mill Valley Ugly Sweaters
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Nous sommes transparents Nous sommes ouverts et honnêtes. Nous partageons toutes les informations, les bonnes comme les mauvaises, afin de...Plus

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C'est l'occasion pour les employeurs de vous dire pourquoi vous devriez travailler pour eux. Les informations fournies correspondent à leur point de vue.

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213 jours

Nouveautés produits
Glassdoor believes that greater transparency around diversity, equity & inclusion can drive change in the workplace, which is why we're excited to share our inaugural Glassdoor Equity Xray™. This first-of-its-kind report highlights where employees from distinct demographic groups report meaningful differences in workplace experience and satisfaction. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers in a recent Glassdoor survey said that they would consider turning down a job offer or leaving a company if they did not think that their manager (or potential manager) supported DEI initiatives. The Equity Xray™serves as a powerful reminder of the gaps that still exist for companies across all industries in terms of creating an equitable employee experience, and that employees deeply care and are paying attention.
Shared image - Inaugural Glassdoor Equity Xray™ - Glassdoor
Inaugural Glassdoor Equity Xray™ - Glassdoor


225 jours

Diversité et inclusion
"So I did a thing. I had the pleasure of hosting a baking class for my Glassdoor collogues in celebration of Black History Month. I shared my simple recipe for old-fashioned fruit crisp (cobbler). I had the best time baking and sharing helpful tips and techniques in the kitchen. (We laughed a lot too!) It was also a great opportunity to connect with the wonderful people who help to make Glassdoor a great place to work. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work for a company that offers ERG's. The BUILD ERG provides a safe, supportive environment where members feel comfortable to be their authentic selves and amplify Black voices in current affairs." - Renita Malone, Customer Success Manager
Shared image - Renita Malone, MSM on LinkedIn: #glassdoor
Renita Malone, MSM on LinkedIn: #glassdoor
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