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Quels sont les avantages sociaux chez Alcimed ?

Des employés actuels et anciens de chez Alcimed ont déclaré que cette entreprise propose les avantages sociaux suivants (la liste peut être incomplète).

Family & Parenting

Family & Parenting

Maternity & Paternity Leave
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5 juin 2022
Actuellement Consultant à Princeton, NJ, New Jersey

The health benefits are not bad but that does not mean they are good either. You get 24 days of PTO which may sound like a lot but 10-15 of those days are mandated on you. So the company closes at the beginning of August for either 1-2 weeks and that's when you can take your vacation, not when you choose. Starting salary is 65,000 and they will not go above 75,000 and even to get them to that is hard. You do not travel anywhere besides Paris for a corporate event twice a year which is a nightmare. But when you do go you have to pay everything out of pocket and you get reimbursed. But you do not get reimbursed for ubers from the hotel to work and vice versa and for dinner, you only get 12 dollars which can't even buy you a Mcdonald's meal anymore. So the work is trash and so is pay.

23 avr. 2022
Actuellement Consultant à Princeton, NJ, New Jersey

5 weeks of time off they expect you to use.

14 janv. 2021
Ancien employé

Great vacation time. Very little regarding work/life balance (WFH, flexible hours, etc.)

16 juil. 2017
Employé actuel

They care about your wellbeing and offer good health insurance

1 oct. 2015
Ancien employé

Good health insurance.The pay is low though.


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Chercheur scientifique (H/F)
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